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Watch 'B means B', a contemporary protest piece made with Pure Data


'Synth Remix' U.K Tour Jo Thomas + Olivia Louvel with Classical Remix

Performing Data Regina
Featured in
Earhart, 'Remixing History', Sister Magazine, 'Synth Remix at the Ikon Gallery',
Sound and Music Composer-curator special, [podcast] listen

http://olivialouvel.com/files/gimgs/th-1_93 Feet East by Tim Boddy_v2.jpg
'54 Bones', 'Digital Gestures, Human Contact', Brighton Digital Festival

Read our research blog about the process of working with a prototype of the Mi.Mu gloves at the DMSA,
University of Brighton

Data Regina

Inspired by the life and writings of Mary Queen of Scots.Curatorial website, 3D animations, LP release.

http://olivialouvel.com/files/gimgs/th-1_Slide portrait Dmsa2 small2.jpg