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a protest piece made with Pure Data

Luna Parc Hotel (2016)

10 years ago, Gerhard Potuznik released my debut album 'Luna Parc Hotel' on his Vienna based label Angelika Koehlermann. For this I will always be grateful to Gerhard.'Luna Parc Hotel' was produced in Paris between 2003-2005 with my first ever computer, a white 13" Mac I-book running Pro Tools through an M Box.

Press release
Cat Werk is making 'Luna Parc Hotel' available as digital on 06.03.2016. Also included in the release, as a bonus item, is a high quality digital version of my handmade arty scrapbook which combines various notes on the process of producing the album, splashes of paint and previously unseen photos. The album has been remastered by Paul Kendall at the Tin Foil studio. Catalogue number is CW09.
The new cover image is a self-portrait shot circa 2004 in Paris, initially discarded for the artwork release.
Notably the album features a duet with Michael J Sheehy (guitar) on the David Bowie song 'The Motel', which was recorded live at Michael's flat in Bloomsbury London in 2004.

Luna Parc Hotel (2006)

Released as a digipak cd on Angelika Koehlermann 06.03.2006

Selected press
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bleed, DE:BUG,[print & online], p.86, March 2006
Luna Parc Hotel. Domaine étranger’,
Nicolas Nieto, Trax, [print], issue 94, p.70, April 2006

Original artwork for Luna Parc Hotel (2006)