'Spirit of Gravity' Green Door Store Brighton 03.08.17
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live at IKLECTIK opening for Phew. Recorded and mastered by Saint Austral Sound 2016
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'Spectrum' Brighton Dome (UK) 2015 by Francesca Moore
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'Dear Serge' De La Warr, Bexhill (UK) 31.05.15
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'Cronika' Cassero, Bologna (Italy) 22.11.14
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http://olivialouvel.com/files/gimgs/th-90_PosterEarsthetic copy_v2.jpg
'Earsthetic Festival' Brighton Dome (UK) 2013
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Kulturkirche Altona, Hamburg 2010 by Ivana Dvorska

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Splitting The Atom, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 08.04.2018
Tweak, Paper Dress Vintage, London 08.03.2018
Loadbang ~, Komedia, Brighton UK 05.12.2017
Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 2017
Nawr, BBC Hall, Swansea UK 2017
The Rose Hill, Brighton UK 2016
Iklectik, London UK 2016
Spectrum, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, Brighton UK 2015
De La Warr, Bexhill UK 2015
Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 2015
Cronika, Cassero Club, Bologna, UK 2014
The Hope, Brighton UK 2014
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, Brighton UK 2014
Bermuda Triangle, Brighton UK 2014
Earsthetic Festival, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, UK 2013
93 Feet East, London UK 2012
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, The Trades Club UK 2012
Club Phenomen, Prague CZ 2010
O2 Academy Islington London UK 2010
Le Bus Palladium, Paris F 2010
Trix XL, Antwerp, B 2010
Kulturkirche Altona, Hamburg, DE 2010
Festival Ososphere, Echos Flottants, Strasburg F 2009
Le Cube, Issy Les Moulineaux F 2009
Maison des Metallos, Paris, F 2008
Festival en Boite, Bibiliotheque La Part Dieu, Lyon F 2007
OPA, Paris F 2006
Notting Hill Arts Club London UK 2005
Batofar, Paris, F 2005
Glaz Art, Paris F 2004
The Sprawl,The Lift House, London UK 2004
The Spitz, London UK 2004
The Grand Mix, Tourcoing F 2004
Cafe De La Danse, Paris F 2004

set up for 1 person on stage
4 DI-box (1 stereo pair for laptop + 1 stereo pair for Kaoss Pad)
stage monitor to hear myself + a FOH engineer
1 small table / DJ table for artist’s equipment dimension required 1 metre width

With visuals
screen or white wall if gallery + projector