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selected broadcasts

RTVE RADIO3 Atmosfera, Spain, 2017
BBC6 Freak Zone, ‘Good Queen Bess’, UK, 2017
RTE LYRIC FM Nova,‘Battlefield,My Crown,Good Queen Bess’,Ireland,2017
RTE An Taobh Tuathail, ‘Good Queen Bess’, Ireland, 2017
RTVE RADIO3, Fluido Rosa, ‘Good Queen Bess’,‘Farewell’, Spain,2017
RAI 3 Sei Gradi, ‘My Crown’, Italy, 2017
RADIO EINS Elektro Beats, 'Battlefield', Germany 2017
RESONANCE Adventures in Sound & Music,'My Crown', UK 2016
RTE LYRIC FM Nova, '25 minutes & 21 seconds', Ireland 2016
RTVE Radio 3 Atmosfera, 'Bats extinction mix', Spain 2015
BBC6 Introducing, 'But You Know', UK 2014
KLASSIKARAADIO Fantasia, 'Beauty Sleep', Estonia 2014
RAI 3 Battiti,'Burst' Italy 2014
RTE An Taobh Tuathail, 'Beauty Sleep', Ireland 2014
NRK Haral Are Lund, 'But You Know', Norway 2014
RTVE RADIO3 Fluido Rosa,'Beauty Sleep', Spain 2014
BBC3 Late Junction,'tsuka mo ugoke', 2013
FRANCE MUSIQUE La Matinale,'chichi-haha no' France 2011

selected quotes

about Data Regina

“For her latest record, Data Regina, Olivia Louvel packages experimental electronic music, new media art, and 16th century conflict into multimedia art. After several years of releasing electronic music, Olivia Louvel had grown restless—not just with the computer music process, but her own vocals. Always one to operate at the creative frontiers where music and art intersect, Louvel, starting in 2010, began piecing together a project that would feature experimental shifts in instrumentation and vocal stylings. Orchestral sounds would collide with industrial noise; pop would give way to ambient textures; and Louvel’s voice would get layered and pitched to the point that it almost became a multi-timbral synthesizer. In the past, Louvel had previously drawn inspiration from silent film, her own paintings, and haiku, amongst other types of artistic media. For 2014’s Beauty Sleep, she paired each of the 11 tracks with an experimental short film. But for the long-gestating project that would become the new album, Data Regina, Louvel gradually decided to explore new media art forms like web art and 3D animation in telling the story of her infiltration of the lives of and conflict between Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth.” DJ Pangburn / The Quietus (UK)

"A multimedia suite by composer Oliva Louvel digs deep into the psychic warfare between the 16th century British Queens. (…)Between the paintings adapted from fashion magazines that inspired 2011's Doll Divider and the reimagining of Louise Brooks's bobbed femme fatale for 2008's Lulu In Suspension, the iconography of femininity has been a rich source of material for the French born, Sussex based producer and visual artist to rip apart and papier mâché back into brooding electronic pop. (…) The refined melodies of Louvel's intimate vocals and Fiona Brice's lyrical violin stand in fragile opposition to a backdrop, based largely around processed tambour samples, of harsh percussive rolls and looming reverberations. It evokes not only the brutality of the battles that peppered the UK in the 16th century but the sense of surveillance and paranoia that both women must have experienced. "
Abi Bliss/ The Wire (UK)

"Wer auf Holly Herndon steht, wird hier seine Freude haben"
Kressman/Faze (Germany)

"Die Referenz zu ihrer hochglänzenden aber von allerlei Brüchen und Zerrbildern durchsetzen Produktion ist wohl Björk in ihrer experimentellsten Laune, nur dass Louvels Stimme immer klar und strahlend bleibt, nie ins krötig quengelnde lappt."
Frank P. Eckert/Groove (Germany)

about Awareness & solidarity with Rojava

"Producer Olivia Louvel has contributed a moving audio-visual project to #Rojava, a female:pressure campaign curated by Antye Greie-Ripatti that aims to show solidarity and raise awareness for a special de facto autonomous zone in northern Syria."
Electronic Beats (Germany)

about Beauty Sleep

"The award-winning French-born Brit crafts a fresh set of art inspired electronics. Or is it electronics inspired art? Olivia Louvel works on the frontier of art and electronic music, often blurring the boundary between the two". Much of ‘Beauty Sleep’ has a brittle fragility to it. ‘I Capture’exude a quiet grace and serenity, sounding like a piece Matthew Bourne might use in a modern ballet."
Mat Smith/Electronic Sound (UK)

about Doll Divider

"Excellent, French and electronic."
Luke Turner/The Quietus (UK)