Olivia Louvel is a French-born, British composer, producer and artist whose work draws on voice, computer music and digital narrative. She operates on the frontier of art and electronic music. Her work also ranges from video art to live performance. Over the last decade, she has released six solo albums published on various labels, Angelika Koehlermann (Austria), Optical Sound (France) and on Cat Werk Imprint, her own production tool. 

Her largest project to date Data Regina is a multimedia suite in which she explores the reigns of Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I, delivering her own singular transposition through an interactive digital platform and a cd publication. She was interviewed with Data Regina in The Wire magazine. November 2018, she toured throughout the UK presenting a headline audio-visual set of Data Regina for ‘Synth Remix’, an event curated by Benjamin Tassie under Sound and Music's Composer-Curator scheme.

Her work has been supported by the Arts Council of England. In 2011, she was awarded the Qwartz Album for Doll Divider at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

Olivia Louvel has received extensive airplay on significant radio programs such as BBC Radio 6’s Freak Zone, BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Resonance (UK), RTE Lyric FM’s Nova (Ireland), Radio Eins’s Elektro Beat (Germany), NRK’s Harald Are Lund (Norway), RTVE Radio 3’s Fluido Rosa, RTVE Radio 3’s Atmosfera (Spain), RAI 3’s Battiti (Italy), and France Musique’s La Matinale.

She has presented her work at venues and festivals such as Ikon Gallery (Birmingham 2018), Anthony Burgess Foundation (Manchester 2018), Spirit of Gravity (Brighton 2017), Nawr (BBC Hall, Swansea 2017), Brighton Digital Festival (2017), Iklectik (London 2016), CTM (Berlin 2016), Dear Serge (De La Warr, Bexhill 2015), Culture Night (Dublin 2015), Earsthetic Festival (Brighton Dome 2013), at Tri XL (Antwerp 2010), Le Cube (Paris 2009), Ososphere Festival (Strasburg 2009), Electron Festival (Geneva 2008). She has opened for artists such as Japanese avant-garde artist Phew at Iklectik London, Planningtorock at the Earsthetic Festival Brighton Dome and Recoil for various concerts on the European 'Selected' tour.

In 2014, she produced an exclusive mix for Electronic Beats, "odd and fantastic", which features her remix of AGF’s 'Poemproducer'.

Louvel has been an active member of female:pressure, the international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts. In 2013, she took part to the compilation in support of Pussy Riot’s freedom. In 2016, she contributed a compelling audio-visual Afraid Of Women to #Rojava, the female:pressure campaign curated by Antye Greie-Ripatti to show solidarity and raise awareness for the special de facto autonomous zone in northern Syria. 

She collaborated with Paul Kendall (The Digital Intervention) with the piece When the sea will rise II produced for Acoustic Cameras, a project which invites sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world. 

Along with Daria Baiocchi, Fiona Hallinan, La Cosa Preziosa, Vicky Langan, Úna Lee, Jenn Kirby, Claudia Molitor, Gráinne Mulvey and Rachel Ní Chuinn, Louvel contributed to the collaborative art project 'Mean Time' with her composition 25 minutes and 21 seconds. The event was broadcast live on Nova, RTÉ Lyric FM from Richmond Barracks, Dublin, clawing back time lost in 1916.

2017 Data Regina, CD, DL, Cat Werk Imprint (UK)
2014 Beauty Sleep, CD, DL, Cat Werk Imprint (UK)
2012 o, music for haiku, CD, DL, Cat Werk Imprint (UK)
2011 Doll Divider, 12”, DL, Cat Werk Imprint (UK)
2010 Doll Divider, DL, Ototoi, Optical Sound (France)
2008 Lulu in Suspension, CD, Optical Sound (France)
2006 Luna Parc Hotel, CD, Angelika Koehlerman (Austria)

2015 Bats by Night, DL, Cat Werk Imprint (UK)

As The Digital Intervention (With Paul Kendall)
2003 Capture, The Digital Intervention, CD, LP, Parallel Series, Ici d'Ailleurs (France)
2004 Oumupo vol.3, 'La Coco' w/ Rubin Steiner, Ici d'Ailleurs (France)
2004 Oumupo vol.1, 'Coma Idyllique' w/ The Third Eye Foundation, Ici d'Ailleurs (France)

2016 Paris Multiplié, 'Postcards Reframed'_Fiona Brice, DL, Bella Union (UK)
2014 If I Was SonnetMix _Pantaleimon, DL, Grass Girl Music (UK)

2016 Music, Awareness & Solidarity w/ Rojava Revolution, 'Afraid Of Women', DL, Female Pressure (Germany)
2013 Pussy Riot Freedom, 'Doll Divider', DL, Female Pressure, Monika (Germany)
2011 Qwartz 7, 'Doll Maker', CD, Qwartz Edition (France)

2015 Kaltblug Magazine (DE), Kalt+Blut
2014 Electronic Beats (DE) EB Radio Presents Olivia Louvel
2014 Carnage News (I) Until I tell you to run

2018 Merit Award Scholarship, University of Brighton (UK)
2018 Norman Cook Digital Music and Sound Arts Breakthrough Award, University of Brighton (UK)
2017 Merit Award Scholarship, University of Brighton (UK)
2016 Grant for the Arts, Arts Council (UK) Data Regina
2014 Grant for the Arts, Arts Council (UK) Beauty Sleep
2013 Shortlisted for Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) o, music for haiku
2011 SACD prize, society of dramatic authors & composers (France) Doll Divider
2011 Qwartz Album Award, Qwartz Electronic Music Awards (France) Doll Divider

British Library Sound Archive
B.N.F, Bibliothèque National de France

2018 'The singing stones of Lukas Kühne or how the stone creates a tone'

2018 NORIENT Sampling Stories Vol. 14 by Hannes Liechti #Rojava
2018 THE SAMPLER Conversation with Lisa Busby
2017 SPEX Article by Diedrich Diederichsen
2017 THE WIRE Review by Sam Davies
2017 THE QUIETUS Interview by DJ Pangburn
2017 GROOVE Review by Frank P. Eckert
2017 POLYPHONIA Article by Lukasz Komla
2017 GONZO Review by pb
2017 THE WIRE Interview by Abi Bliss
2017 GONZO Featured in CD compilation
2016 ELECTRONIC BEATS Article #Rojava
2016 FACT MAG Article by April Clare Welsh #Rojava
2016 POPTRONICS Article by Sarah Taurinya #Rojava
2016 THE QUIETUS Interview by Luke Turner
2015 BRIGHTON DOME Interview
2015 CHAIN DLK Interview by Vito Camarretta
2014 ELECTRONIC SOUND Review by Mat Smith
2014 DANGEROUS MINDS Article by Graham Duff
2014 ELECTRONIC BEATS Article EB presents Olivia Louvel
2014 OBSKURE MAG Interview by Emmanuel Hennequin
2014 HHV.DEMAG Review by Kristoffer Cornils
2013 THE GIRLS ARE Article by Amy Bell, Digital art collective
2011 THE QUIETUS Article by Luke Turner,Listen: Olivia Louvel
2011 THE WIRE Article, Qwartz Award Winners announced
2008 DE BUG Review by ed, Lulu In Supension
2006 TRAX Review by Nicolas Nieto

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about Data Regina

“For her latest record, Data Regina, Olivia Louvel packages experimental electronic music, new media art, and 16th century conflict into multimedia art. After several years of releasing electronic music, Olivia Louvel had grown restless—not just with the computer music process, but her own vocals. Always one to operate at the creative frontiers where music and art intersect, Louvel, starting in 2010, began piecing together a project that would feature experimental shifts in instrumentation and vocal stylings. Orchestral sounds would collide with industrial noise; pop would give way to ambient textures; and Louvel’s voice would get layered and pitched to the point that it almost became a multi-timbral synthesizer. In the past, Louvel had previously drawn inspiration from silent film, her own paintings, and haiku, amongst other types of artistic media. For 2014’s Beauty Sleep, she paired each of the 11 tracks with an experimental short film. But for the long-gestating project that would become the new album, Data Regina, Louvel gradually decided to explore new media art forms like web art and 3D animation in telling the story of her infiltration of the lives of and conflict between Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth.” DJ Pangburn / The Quietus (UK)

"A multimedia suite by composer Oliva Louvel digs deep into the psychic warfare between the 16th century British Queens. (…)Between the paintings adapted from fashion magazines that inspired 2011's Doll Divider and the reimagining of Louise Brooks's bobbed femme fatale for 2008's Lulu In Suspension, the iconography of femininity has been a rich source of material for the French born, Sussex based producer and visual artist to rip apart and papier mâché back into brooding electronic pop. (…) The refined melodies of Louvel's intimate vocals and Fiona Brice's lyrical violin stand in fragile opposition to a backdrop, based largely around processed tambour samples, of harsh percussive rolls and looming reverberations. It evokes not only the brutality of the battles that peppered the UK in the 16th century but the sense of surveillance and paranoia that both women must have experienced. "Abi Bliss/ The Wire (UK)

"Wer auf Holly Herndon steht, wird hier seine Freude haben" Kressman/Faze (Germany)

"Die Referenz zu ihrer hochglänzenden aber von allerlei Brüchen und Zerrbildern durchsetzen Produktion ist wohl Björk in ihrer experimentellsten Laune, nur dass Louvels Stimme immer klar und strahlend bleibt, nie ins krötig quengelnde lappt."
Frank P. Eckert/Groove (Germany)

about Awareness & solidarity with Rojava

"Producer Olivia Louvel has contributed a moving audio-visual project to #Rojava, a female:pressure campaign curated by Antye Greie-Ripatti that aims to show solidarity and raise awareness for a special de facto autonomous zone in northern Syria." Electronic Beats (Germany)

about Beauty Sleep

"The award-winning French-born Brit crafts a fresh set of art inspired electronics. Or is it electronics inspired art? Olivia Louvel works on the frontier of art and electronic music, often blurring the boundary between the two". Much of ‘Beauty Sleep’ has a brittle fragility to it. ‘I Capture’exude a quiet grace and serenity, sounding like a piece Matthew Bourne might use in a modern ballet." Mat Smith/Electronic Sound (UK)

about Doll Divider

"Excellent, French and electronic." Luke Turner/The Quietus (UK)

Synth Remix, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham UK 11.11.18
Synth Remix, Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds UK 10.11.18
Synth Remix, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester UK 09.11.18
Synth Remix, 93 Feet East, London UK 08.11.18
Splitting The Atom, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 08.04.2018
Tweak, Paper Dress Vintage, London 08.03.2018
Loadbang ~, Komedia, Brighton UK 05.12.2017
Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 2017
Nawr, BBC Hall, Swansea UK 2017
The Rose Hill, Brighton UK 2016
Iklectik, London UK 2016
Spectrum, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, Brighton UK 2015
De La Warr, Bexhill UK 2015
Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton UK 2015
Cronika, Cassero Club, Bologna, UK 2014
The Hope, Brighton UK 2014
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, Brighton UK 2014
Bermuda Triangle, Brighton UK 2014
Earsthetic Festival, Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, UK 2013
93 Feet East, London UK 2012
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, The Trades Club UK 2012
Club Phenomen, Prague CZ 2010
O2 Academy Islington London UK 2010
Le Bus Palladium, Paris F 2010
Trix XL, Antwerp, B 2010
Kulturkirche Altona, Hamburg, DE 2010
Festival Ososphere, Echos Flottants, Strasburg F 2009
Le Cube, Issy Les Moulineaux F 2009
Maison des Metallos, Paris, F 2008
Festival en Boite, Bibiliotheque La Part Dieu, Lyon F 2007
OPA, Paris F 2006
Notting Hill Arts Club London UK 2005
Batofar, Paris, F 2005
Glaz Art, Paris F 2004
The Sprawl,The Lift House, London UK 2004
The Spitz, London UK 2004
The Grand Mix, Tourcoing F 2004
Cafe De La Danse, Paris F 2004

set up for 1 person on stage
6 DI-box (laptop/kaosspad/ipad)
stage monitor to hear myself + a FOH engineer
1 small table / DJ table for artist’s equipment dimension required 1 metre width

With visuals
screen or white wall if gallery + projector