Olivia Louvel

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'B means B', #brexit,
a protest piece made with Pure Data

Awareness & solidarity with Rojava (2016)

'Afraid Of Women' is an audio visual cut-up produced using sampled sounds and re-fragmented images sourced from the internet. It is an attempt to highlight the formidable solidarity and courage of these women fighting on the front line against IS / Daesh.
"When they hear female voices, they get very scared. They're afraid of us, afraid of women." Rojava was brought to my attention by fellow female:pressure member AGF. Until then I had never heard of it. Why? There are over 7000 women fighters on the border of Northern Syria. These women are collectively known as the YPJ or the Women's Protection Unit, an all-women unit. To build a new society in Rojava, they are forced to defend themselves.

A campaign powered by female:pressure and curated by AGF
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