Olivia Louvel

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'B means B', #brexit,
a protest piece made with Pure Data

54 Bones (2018)

A gesturally based performance art for an audience of one with the Mi.Mu gloves (sensor-enabled gloves for performing music through movement and gesture).
Presented at Onca Gallery, Brighton Digital Festival for ‘Digital Gestures, Human Contact'.

54 Bones is a gesturally based performance art installation for an audience of one.
It uses gestural glove controllers to trigger and manipulate sounds, using a series of gestures and movements inspired by British Sign Language.
The work aims to extend the ephemeral moment at which sound, language and meaning collide, resulting
in a truly intimate, human experience for each person who takes part, leaving them free to interpret what the interaction means to them.

With Duncan Cabral, Olivia Louvel, Jamie Moore, Dominic Rae

Read more about the process of working with a prototype of the Mi.Mu gloves
at the DMSA, University of Brighton on our research blog.