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'B means B', #brexit,
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Data Regina (2017)

Press release

Fascinated by the existence of two queens ruling at the same time on a single island, within an extremely male dominated society in the 16th century,
composer and artist Olivia Louvel explores the reign of Mary Queen of Scots Vs Elizabeth I and delivers her own singular transposition: Data Regina.

Drawn to the life and writings of Mary Queen of Scots, a poet and essayist herself and one of the most read woman of her time,
Louvel assembles a digital narrative through seventeen compositions capturing different palettes, tones, playing with identity within the 'duality-duel' relationship
of the two women, two queens and cousins, who were never to meet.

Data Regina is a body of work which gathers electronic songs, The Antechamber, along with a series of instrumentals, The Battles, a sonic landscape
inspired by the 16th century battles on the Anglo-Scottish border.

As well as the publication of a CD, the interactive digital work www.dataregina.com provides a further platform to showcase the 3D animations produced
by young animator Antoine Kendall as well as curated historical references.

Composed and mixed by Louvel, the album also features Fiona Brice (Bella Union) on violin. 'Data Regina' was mastered by AGF (aka Antye Greie-Ripatti).
This project has been brought to fruition with the financial support of the Arts Council, England (Grant for the Arts).

Released 08.02.2017

Online Platform www.dataregina.com

PR: ed@dense.de

Selected press

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‘Game of Thrones. A multimedia suite by composer Olivia Louvel digs deep into the psychic warfare between two 16th century British Queens’
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Selected broadcast

BBC RADIO 3 Late Junction, 'My Crown', UK
BBC RADIO 6 Freak Zone, ‘Love or Rule’, UK
RTVE RADIO 3 Atmosfera, Spain
BBC RADIO 6 Freak Zone, ‘Good Queen Bess’, UK
RTE LYRIC FM Nova, ‘Battlefield,My Crown,Good Queen Bess’,Ireland
RTE An Taobh Tuathail, ‘Good Queen Bess’, Ireland
RTVE RADIO3 Fluido Rosa, ‘Good Queen Bess’, ‘Farewell’, Spain
RAI 3 Sei Gradi, ‘My Crown’, Italy
RADIO EINS Elektro Beats, 'Battlefield', Germany
RESONANCE The Wire's Adventures in Sound & Music,'My Crown', UK